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Child Safety Link Educational resources

CSL has a variety of educational resources for families including videos, postcards, posters and fact sheets for all priority areas.  Most print resources are available in both English and French and some are available in other languages All paper resources can be printed from our website except for “postcards” and posters that are in custom formats.  

You can place an order for free print resources at this link:  
(There is no cost to order for those in Atlantic Canada).



Families and those who work with families (e.g., Social Workers, Police, Family Resource Centre staff, etc) with questions can call our toll-free number at 1-866-288-1388 or email


Child Passenger Safety

Specific tools include Networking opportunities such as a car seat support Facebook group and Newsletter, Tools specific to your role include tools for:  Schools, Law Enforcement, hospitals and primary care clinics/public health, Community Service or Child Care. Toolkits and Resources | IWK Child Safety Link

Networking tools

  • Newsletter: Sign up for the Car Seat Connection Newsletter for news, events and information for Atlantic Canada from Child Safety Link. 
  • Facebook: Join us at Atlantic Tech Talk to connect with others locally who are supporting child passenger safety in their communities. 

Resources for families 

View the Car seat and booster seat safety resources for families including videos, a postcard, posters and fact sheets for each stage. Order print versions of these resources for free within the Atlantic provinces. Families with questions can also call our toll-free number at 1-866-288-1388.

Accessible resources

New resources provide basic information on child passenger safety basics in the form of videos, posters and print resources in nine languages: English, French, Mi’kmaq, Arabic, Nepalese, Mandarin Chinese, Somali, Swahili and Tigrinya. The video, “Is Your Child in the Right Seat?” walks the viewer through each of the stages of car seats and booster seats, from the first ride home with a new baby, to determining when a child can safely use the adult seat belt.

  • The Right Seat resources – supporting all families, but especially designed for newcomer families.
  • The Right seat resources – supporting all families, with images especially designed to support Indigenous families in Atlantic Canada. 


Do you need photos for a poster or display? We have a photobank with photos of local kids in current, Canadian car seats and booster seats.

Booster seat lesson plan

This 20-minute intervention is evidence-based and well received by children and schools. This program is a part of the NS curriculum for Grade two and can positively influence booster seat use for this age group.

Additional resources to support the lesson plan include:

Tools for law enforcement 

There is evidence for enforcement checks creating community awareness for the need to use car seats and booster seats while reaching families who need support. Links to the provincial law summaries: Car Seat Safety | IWK Child Safety Link (go to the left of screen for each province link)

Tools for hospitals and primary health clinics/public health

The following resources can be ordered at no cost to distribute to all families of newborns on discharge: Infant seat fact sheet      Is your Child in the Right Seat?

Guidance for well-baby visits: This guidance document was created by request with talking points for key well-baby visits that align with the Rourke baby record. Print resources to support this education can be ordered at no cost.

Tools for community service or child care organizations

There is a car seat, booster seat, and seat belt basics workshop for program staff, social workers, volunteers, and care providers who transport children. This 2-3 hour online, on-demand workshop will guide participants through the basics of child passenger safety. Child Safety Link can offer this program at no cost to organizations throughout Atlantic Canada, through a partnership with the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada. Proof of completion is provided. This is not a certification program. Email for codes to access this program at no cost. 

Contact Information for Child Passenger Safety: Katherine Hutka:   


Safety at Home and At Play

Priority areas include fall prevention, poisoning prevention.  New materials is added regularly.  Check our website and search by topic or age:


Falls Prevention

Video: The Great Safety Challenge: Preventing Home injuries in the living room:   en francais  (*Facilitator Guide for this video that is available for professionals who work with families. Contact to request a copy)




Not finding what you need? Please email us at and we will get back to you!

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