When is my toddler ready to come out of the crib?
When she has tried to climb out
When she is 35' tall
When the crib rail is at her nipple or armpit height
Poison Prevention
Keeping Your Toddler Safe from Poisons

Children between the ages of 1 and 3 years account for the highest number of poisoning calls received by the IWK Regional Poison Centre.

Toddlers are curious by nature. Toddlers often explore by putting new things they find in their mouths. Toddlers can now move fast and can climb up onto things. It is important to be aware of products that could be a poison to your toddler.

What is a poison?

Did you know that poisons are more than just cleaning supplies? A poison can be a drug or non-drug substance. A poison is something that can make you sick if you swallow it, taste it, smell it, get it on your skin or in your eye. A poison could be a medicine meant for someone else or too much medicine, makeup, a plant, or a battery.

Store your poisons in a high, locked cupboard. Watch your toddler closely when cleaners are being used.

Measure medicine with the cup given (not kitchen spoons which could give too much or too little). Always read the label every time you use a medicine.

Health Canada says not to use cough or cold medicine for children under age six. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist for questions about medicine.

If you are in Nova Scotia or PEI and have a question about poison, the IWK Regional Poison Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.

Call the IWK Regional Poison Centre at 1-800-565-8161.

In New Brunswick, call 911.