When is my toddler ready to come out of the crib?
When she has tried to climb out
When she is 35' tall
When the crib rail is at her nipple or armpit height
Car Seats
Harness Your Toddler Tight for Every Ride

Check that the harness is snug - you can fit only one finger under the harness on your toddler's chest. 


The chest clip is level with your toddler's armpits. 


For rear-facing, the harness is in the shoulder slot level with or below the toddler’s shoulders.


For forward facing, the harness is in the shoulder slot level with or above the toddler’s shoulders.


The harness straps are flat, no twists.


When it is cold outside, keep your toddler warm by placing blankets over and around the toddler when they are harnessed in the car seat. Thin fleece snowsuits are more suitable than the thick, slippery material snowsuits. Thick snowsuits are not recommended because they will not allow the harness to be tight.  


For more information on your car seat check your car seat instructions. If you do not have the instruction booklet call the manufacturer for a copy of the instructions. The phone number should be on your car seat.