What kind of car seat is best for my new baby?
New babies should stay rear facing as long as possible
Car seats made for Canada all meet safety standards
Depends on my lifestyle (infant carrier vs. 3 in 1)
Car Seats
Harness Your Newborn Tight for Every Ride

Please refer to the following installation tips to help your newborn be the safest he/she can be while travelling in a carseat:

  • Check that the harness is snug - you can fit only one finger under the harness on your baby's chest.
  • The chest clip is level with your baby's armpits. 
  • For rear-facing, the harness is in the shoulder slot level with or below the baby’s shoulders.
  • The harness straps are flat, no twists. 
  • When it is cold outside, keep your baby warm by placing blankets over and around the baby when they are harnessed in the car seat. Bunting bags, cuddle bags, or thick snowsuits are not recommended. These items will not allow the harness to be tight. 
  • Only use the items that came with the car seat. Products such as added on head huggers, interfere with the harness. You can use the head hugger that came with the seat or use a rolled up receiving blanket around the baby’s head.
  • For more information on your car seat, check your car seat instructions. If you do not have the instruction book call the manufacturer for a copy of the instructions. The phone number will be on your car seat.