When can I use a Bassinette for my Baby?
Bassinettes are best for babies who are less than 15lbs and can't sit up
Bassinettes are safe as long as my baby isn't walking
Bassinettes are good for babies up to a year old
Newborn Safety
Keeping Your Newborn Safe

Congratulations on your newest and smallest family member! Life with a newborn baby is full of firsts. Being prepared for the first time something happens will help keep your newborn safe from harm.

Did you know?...
Here are some things to consider when keeping your newborn safe:
  • Your newborn’s head is the heaviest part of her body, and her neck is weak. This means she needs you to make sure she is supported.
  • Your newborn’s skin is more easily scalded by hot water or food, or burnt by the sun’s rays.
  • Your newborn may not roll over until she is about four months old, but there will be a first time that this will happen. Stay within arms reach when she is on a bed, counter or change table.
  • Making her environment safe is a good way to keep your newborn safe from injuries.
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For more information on life with your newborn, visit the Loving Care booklet, online from the government of Nova Scotia.

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