How can I help my child have a safe summer vacation?
Wear sunscreen as directed on the bottle
Seek shade and drink lots of water on very hot days
Make sure non-swimmers wear life jackets, and stay close when any children are near water
Playground Safety
Keeping your Child Safe at the Playground

Playgrounds are a great place for children to have make-believe play, challenge their bodies, and learn about sharing and taking turns with others.


The number one reason children are admitted to hospital in the Maritimes is because of a fall. For children aged 5 to 9, most of these falls happen on the playground.


Close supervision and a safe playground will help keep your child safe from falls.

  • Safe playgrounds for children come in all shapes and sizes. Public playgrounds should have a label to say how old a child should be to use the play structure.
  • Look for dangers like broken glass, sharp garbage, or broken equipment. Report this to the owner of the playground.
  • Close, active supervision is the best way to prevent your child from being hurt on the playground.
  • Choose a playground that has a deep, soft surface, like pea gravel, sand, wood chips or rubber tiles.


Click here to download our parent booklet: "Keep Kids Safe: A Parent's Guide to Playground Safety".