How can my child be safe on the road when walking?
Stay on the sidewalk or far over on the shoulder facing traffic
Children under age nine should walk with an adult
Children over age nine should walk in a group or with older children
Playground Safety
Keeping your Child Safe at the Playground

Playgrounds are a great place for children to have make-believe play, challenge their bodies, and learn about sharing and taking turns with others.


The number one reason children are admitted to hospital in the Maritimes is because of a fall. For children aged 5 to 9, most of these falls happen on the playground.


Close supervision and a safe playground will help keep your child safe from falls.

  • Safe playgrounds for children come in all shapes and sizes. Public playgrounds should have a label to say how old a child should be to use the play structure.
  • Look for dangers like broken glass, sharp garbage, or broken equipment. Report this to the owner of the playground.
  • Close, active supervision is the best way to prevent your child from being hurt on the playground.
  • Choose a playground that has a deep, soft surface, like pea gravel, sand, wood chips or rubber tiles.


Click here to download our parent booklet: "Keep Kids Safe: A Parent's Guide to Playground Safety".