How are most young children poisoned?
Poisonous Plants
Seasonal Safety
Keeping your Child Safe All Year Round

Your preschooler can probably tell you all about the different weather that follows the change in the seasons.

Different weather conditions make changes to the injury risks around your home. For example - ice and snow, wet leaves, or thick grass clippings could make your walkway slippery. Keeping the areas around your home clear of slippery materials can help prevent falls.

Your preschooler might be interested in helping you to do seasonal chores. When it's time to shovel, rake leaves or sweep the door step - take the time to tell him that you are cleaning up to make the walkway safe.

Talking about safety while your child is a preschooler will prepare him to learn safety rules when he is older.

Your preschooler might be able to tell you what is safe and what is not, but he can't be trusted to remember rules when in danger, just yet.