How can I help my child stay safe at the playground, and still have fun
Play on equipment that is the right size
Look for dangers in the area like broken glass
Stay within arms reach of young children on the playground
Pedestrian Safety
Keeping your Child Safe when Walking on the Road

In Atlantic Canada, pedestrian injuries are the number one cause of injury death for children and youth age 1 to 14. These children have been hit by cars on roads, in crosswalks, and in driveways and parking lots.

It is important to know that children under age nine do not understand the risks of the road. They cannot tell how fast a car is coming, and they do not realize that a driver might not see them.

When on the road, children under age nine should walk to in a group with older children or a responsible adult.

Stay on the sidewalk or far to the shoulder of the road facing traffic if there are no sidewalks where you live.