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Helmet Safety
Choosing the Right Helmet for Your Child

Your child might soon start learning to ride a bike, rollerblade, or scooter.

It is important to choose the right safety gear for these activities. Buy a helmet for your child that fits now, not one that she will grow into.

Check that the helmet fits, using the "2V1" Rule:

  • When the helmet is buckled tightly, two fingers should rest between your child's eyebrow and the edge of the helmet.
  • The strap should form a "V" under her ear.
  • One finger should fit between her chin and the chin strap.

To learn more about using the "2V1" Rule as a guide to fit your child's helmet, click here to download our helmet fitting bookmark.

Click here to download our parent booklet: "Keep Kids Safe: A Parent's Guide to Helmet and Recreation Safety"