How are most young children poisoned?
Poisonous Plants
Around the Home
Keeping your Child Safe on the Stairs, in the Halls and in the Garage

Stairs, hallways and garages have injury risks similar to other places at home.


One of the most common hallway injuries seen at the IWK Emergency Department, is a fall due to a pet. Tripping over the dog or cat can be minimized by keeping the hallway well lit, and free of clutter. Encourage children to play gently with pets and not to run in hallways.


Garages should be treated the same as other living spaces - poisons should be stored up high and in their original containers. Poisons like oil and cleaners in food containers can look like food to your child.


Ropes, hoses and garden tools should be stored neatly to reduce falls and cuts. Remember your child likes to help and wants to do what you do. Stay close to prevent injuries for children.