How can I help my child stay safe at the playground, and still have fun
Play on equipment that is the right size
Look for dangers in the area like broken glass
Stay within arms reach of young children on the playground
Around the Home
Keeping your Child Safe in the Kitchen

You and your preschooler will spend lots of time in the kitchen, mostly during meal time. You can be sure whatever you are doing, your preschooler will want to help and pretend he is just like you.


It is important to know that your preschooler might think he is a big kid now. He thinks he can do almost everything as well as you can. Make believe play and pretending to do adult things like cooking and cleaning can put a preschooler at more risk for injury, especially in the kitchen. Allowing your preschooler to help you in the kitchen makes him confident, and helps you stay close to supervise him too.


Close supervision is still the best way to keep your preschool child safe from injury in the kitchen. Talk about safety rules in the kitchen, like playing away from the stove and leaving sharp knives for parents to use. Talk about safety and how important it is to ask before eating or drinking anything – things in the kitchen could be food or could be poison.


Talking about safety rules when your child is a preschooler will help him learn the importance of safety, but he might not be ready to understand or act on safety rules. Stay close by to help keep your preschooler safe from injuries.


Many kitchen injuries happen because a preschooler has pulled something hot, heavy, or sharp down from a counter or table. Store knives and other tools up high, and in a cupboard that can lock.


Make sure cords and hot food and drink are away from the edge of counters and tables, and that foods for your preschooler are not too hot.