How can I help my child stay safe at the playground, and still have fun
Play on equipment that is the right size
Look for dangers in the area like broken glass
Stay within arms reach of young children on the playground
Child Safety
Keeping Your Child Safe

Pre-school children are full of wonder and excitement. They like to play pretend, "help" you with chores, imitate you, and explore their surroundings. Although they will tell you they are "big kids now", pre-school children have trouble remembering safety rules when there actually is a danger. They can't tell how fast a car is coming, or if a driver can see them in the driveway.

Did you know?...

  • Close supervision is still one of the best ways to keep your child safe.
  • Talking about safety while your child is a preschooler will prepare him to learn safety rules when he is older.
  • Your preschooler might be able to tell you what is safe and what is not, but he can't be trusted to remember rules when in danger, just yet.

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