My baby is so smart! Why can't she play with toys meant for older children?
Age labels on toys are about safety, not ability
Small parts on toys for older children can cause a baby to choke
Long strings on toys for older children could strangle a baby
Baby Safety
Keeping your Baby Safe

Now that your baby is almost a year old, he is very busy learning about what his body can do.

Did you know?...

  • He can roll over, hold up his own head, and could be crawling or learning to walk.
  • He is trying new food tastes and textures.
  • He loves to pick up small items and put them in his mouth.
 Your baby is starting to explore the world around him, and this means that you will need to think about safety in new ways.

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For more information on life with your baby visit the Loving Care booklet, online from the government of Nova Scotia.

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